Today I spent a lot of time lounging and reading ‘zines in bed, I did dishes, and went out only for espresso.

I made roasted balsamic portobello mushrooms on a bed of baby spinach for lunch, and thought I would share the recipe because it is amazingly sinple and vegan.

Roasted Balsamic Portobello Mushrooms

Whisk together in large bowl:

5 tablespoons olive oil
3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
3 chubby garlic cloves (minced)
1 teaspoon thyme
1 tablespoon dijon mustard OR honey mustard
salt and pepper, to taste

Marinate 2 – 3 large portobello mushroom caps in this mixture for 20 minutes minimum (or as long as overnight) in the fridge. Preheat oven to 400F. Oh yeah! I like to slice up an onion and throw it in too. Place caps in pan, gills-down and dump all the extra marinade on them. Roast for 20-30 mins, turning the over after 10-15 mins. I usually gauge their done-ness by looking at the onions, I like them to be nicely browned and soft but not fried to a crisp.

Personally I have been enjoying these on a big pile of spinach, with the extra marinade used as dressing, but you can use them for lotsa things! On the page where I found the original recipe (which I have tweaked here), they suggest trying them “with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies, but they would be delicious in pasta or on pizza.”

Yummy lazy Saturday.

I also discovered today that my fancy new phone can record video, which just seems ridiculously fancy. Maybe it’s standard with the kids nowadays though? Technology.

Tonight my plans are: draw, maybe include glitter. Bake vegan peanut butter cookies. Totally not care that I do not have any social engagements on Saturday night. The time changes tonight and I am still going to a yoga class in the morning.

I tried to email myself a photo I took on my phone to show my loyal readers all the fun things I was in bed with this afternoon (mostly ‘zines, and food!), but somehow I have failed at technology, again.

Edit for photo!

Yeah I can figure things out! Slowly…

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I can see today that I have been given, and am being given, immense gifts.

It helps to remember that when the spark and the leap of faith are happening, because there is often doubt and fear accompanying such events that must be contended with.

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life is really fucking good right now

i just had a superhuge day and so do not have the energy to type out all of the reasons why, but believe me when i say, it is.

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hi hi hi internet.

i’m procrastinating, it seems. my tattoo apparently seems to have entered the itchy-as-fuck stage of healing, and i need to be distracted from that because it is fully unpleasant. so here i am, funneling my words into the vortex, when probably i should be doing other things, things that involve paperwork.

so i’m about ready for winter to wrap up, how about you? let’s go to the beach, i will rub some aloe on you if you get a sunburn. actually speaking of aloe, it would prob help this itch. buuut i don’t have an aloe plan currently in reality, as i am actually that noncommittal that i don’t want the responsibility of a plant lest i decide to move again. sighzz

i’m looking to stay in halifax for the summer though, cuz that noncommittal frame of mind can get a lil tiresome after awhile and you know, fuck it, i’ve got another year of school after this one so i might as well make it my home here. could get hit by a bus tomorrow anyway, as they say.

my posts on here lately have been lame ass lame but luckily i offer my insights, experiences and wisdom for free, so i don’t have any angry clients or customers wondering what the hell.

i’ve been reading foucault in bed at night lately, and i can only really absorb* about one page at a time, and then i burn out on him. i think i need the equivalent of a harry potter book to read in between every page of foucault in order to get through the damn book.

itchy itch

in conclusion, hurry up and get here summertime, i miss bike riding and sunshine and beaches.

*um yeah, so when i say “absorb” what i really mean is “vaguely understand some aspects of”. i thought i should clarify.

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too real.

my first official day as a 27 year old my doctor tells me that “age is a factor” when considering decisions regarding birth control. GETTIN OLD, DON’T FORGET IT.

anyhoo, this birthday thing has me brooding heavily on questions of the future, as i seem to really like doing in general, that or i’m a masochist. wait… but alas, it’s not all so heavy, sometimes it manifests in the form of five-year plans written on napkins, or suggestive looks exchanged with the clearly-18-year-old barista (quarter life crisis? or am i past that already? seems to foreshadow some cougar-y ways for future me), or daydreams of land, garden, barn studio and cast iron pans. the question of money seems always a plague.

i made some kickass vegan morning glory muffins today though, and got through some scholarship paperwork and other paperwork.

seriously though, 27 seems like… i’m in a different ballgame now. i will brood on it further.

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birthday wish list

1. maple syrup*

2. hulled hemp seeds (a big bag of)

3. new wool socks

4. tattoo**

5. small french press

*bought this morning!

**appointment is wednesday

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on the plus side…

uh-mazing day today consisting of:

+farmers market

+tattoo consult

+new jewelry for my septum

+hardware store (yes i get excited about the hardware store)

+formosa teahouse! delish.

+value village (finds including an amazing purple vintage knit cape, a skirt and a sweater thing)

best saturday times with the best m. best!

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