Apologies for the time lapse in terms of updates. This has kind of fallen to the bottom of my current list of priorities, and though I didn’t intend to let it stagnate this much, I’ve been hella distracted! So yes. Apologies.

I’ve been meaning to get some photos posted of my studio space, projects I have on the go, etc, and hopefully I will get my shit together and do that soon.

Oh internet.

I have a shitload of kale and I need to use it up. What does one do with a shitload of kale? Suggestions?

It is like -30 outside and my coping strategy is as follows:
two pairs of socks
long johns
thermal shirt
wool flannel plaid thing
two scarves
ginger tea
baking things containing: cinnamon, oats, sugar
hot showers
wool everything

Also I am trying to fit in more hugs.

Trying to figure out spring + summer plans currently, could be Newfoundland, but I am pretty much looking into any and all options right now, preferably involving travel and the making of money.

Anyway I’m off to put on another pair of socks, eat a cookie and probably take a hot shower. I have a hug scheduled for Thursday.


About heartroot

i like: pugs, cuddles, plants, herbs, tea, art, slasher movies, cultural theory, feminist theory, zombies, cupcakes, bike riding, swimming in the ocean.
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  1. heartroot says:

    whoa nifty! i will try these.

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