Things I’ve done Today Instead of Homework

1. Slept in

2. Had a leisurely breakfast

3. Walked in the rain to the Farmer’s Market

4. Ate the best perogies ever (note: perogies on a rainy day RULE)

5. Walked to school

6. Sat in the library and drew a drag queen face on my hand

7. Alse drew a small ghost

8. Answered my phone, accepted an offer to sit in a cafe and drink tea

9. Sat in cafe chatting with friend for approximately 3 hours

10. Sunset

11. Library closing in 15 minutes

12. Might as well go home, eat, listen to democracy now, lounge in bed, contemplate schoolwork.

13. Chat lazily on msn

14. Take photos of random things

15. Decide a bath might be inspiring and start rifling around looking for the drain stopper thing, to no avail.

16. Am slapped with a sudden urgency and realization of the work remaining vs. time ratio, and how it’s seeming more and more disproportionate. Start frantically trying to brainstorm for project-that’s-due-on-Monday.

17. Build a sculptural response to a drawing assignment

18. Consider making a drawing of the sculpture in order to have a more appropriate work to show in class. Feel tired when considering drawing. Wonder about that drain plug again, where could it be?

19. Post on wordpress.

20. Scream into pillow

21. Make ginger tea

22. Smoke cigarette


About heartroot

i like: pugs, cuddles, plants, herbs, tea, art, slasher movies, cultural theory, feminist theory, zombies, cupcakes, bike riding, swimming in the ocean.
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