Sleep deprived and happy

I’m definitely (finally) feeling like I’m settling in here.

Halifax is much more than I expected it to be. I could see how a person could theoretically choose to make a life here.

I just passed the one-month mark since landing here, and despite some drawbacks (like not being into my living situation here, and really missing folks in Montreal and elsewhere), there are a lot of other things that (usually) overshadow the shitty of that with their awesome. Like school. I love school so much that I’ve recently begun wondering how long one could stay in school and avoid entering the workforce altogether. Nothing that I have undertaken in the past few years could throw light next to the burning fireball of passion I have for NSCAD right now. And within one month, my go-to-school-then-get-a-career mentality has been cast aside, replaced by fantasies of sunny studio spaces, and steaming mason jars of tea at sunrise. Film dreams have been replaced by Sculptural aspirations, and I’m ready to surrender to the possibility of maybe making some money, at some point, or maybe not.

Anyway, regardless of future stuff, right now my heart is on fire for school and I feel like a pretty darn lucky gal.

Only one question remains… What am I going to be for Halloween?!


About heartroot

i like: pugs, cuddles, plants, herbs, tea, art, slasher movies, cultural theory, feminist theory, zombies, cupcakes, bike riding, swimming in the ocean.
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2 Responses to Sleep deprived and happy

  1. Andrea says:

    Any ideas yet? I’m going to be a a jaywalker.

  2. heartroot says:

    you’re always a jaywalker!!!
    i want to be some sort of burlesque girl from the 20s

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