Things My Drawing Teacher Said

Today I would like to introduce a new and wonderful segment, consisting of quotes from drawing teacher. He is my favorite. There will be more. The ones I jotted down today were probably on the more mediocre end of the bombs he usually drops, but I wanted to get this segment up and running because I am usually in stitches for a good portion of my drawing class. Or smiling widely. Not all my of classmates seem to find him as hilarious as I do, but hey. I’m easily amused.

“If I had a penny for each time I had to say ‘grayscale’, I’d have at least a hundred and twenty-nine dollars.”

“As a rule, things further away should be darker… Or lighter.”

“What’s Powerpoint?”


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One Response to Things My Drawing Teacher Said

  1. Andrea says:

    awesomeness. I love random secret quotes.

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