I’m at school. Am I ever anywhere else? Besides at cafes purchasing espresso-based beverages?

I had one of those days today. Just an off day. It started out sleep-deprived (a few under-eight-hour nights in a row will just knock me over, seriously i am like 80 years old). I also kicked my day off behind schedule, disorganized, and really kind of malnourished on top of it all.

Apparently the full moon is tonight and it’s also the Autumn Equinox, maybe things are just a little freaky in the universe at large as well and not just in my body?

Excuses. So I rushed around this morning like a crazy person doing things that I really simply just should have taken care of sooner, but instead I set myself up for this.

This afternoon was drawing class, and we had our first life model. I’ll try to pick out a few drawings from this afternoon’s session to post up here when I get home later. I love figure drawing. It’s really fun. I’m thinking now that I want to try to pick up a figure painting course for the winter semester. I have to re-think my entire winter semester actually.

In other news, student loans are fucking me up the ass, repeatedly. It might be another month before I see any money, which is really just… ugh.

I’m distracted because I’m trying to figure out video editing while writing this. I’m kind of getting into it. But God, you could really spend hours and hours in front of a computer just wrapped up in editing. I guess that could be ok sometimes. I prefer working with more tactile mediums though I think. But I really shouldn’t make any final decisions here, it’s only a few weeks in! I’m again falling into the must-figure-out-my-life mental trap, which is really a joke and an utter waste of time.

My next drawing assignment is to draw a “vampire object”. We received no definition of what this might mean, just that my teacher had gotten the idea from reading Sartre. How ridiculous and amazing is that?! I love this school.

I’m slowly conceding to the fact that more than likely this blog is going to end up being a lot of fragmented thoughts and tangeants, as I will probably almost always, from here on in, be overcaffeinated, underrested. and delirious with art school babble.

I’m heading to PEI tomorrow. I plan to do lots of blind contour drawings because they are fun. Also bringing camera. Ciao my faithful two (maybe three now?) readers ❤


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i like: pugs, cuddles, plants, herbs, tea, art, slasher movies, cultural theory, feminist theory, zombies, cupcakes, bike riding, swimming in the ocean.
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