Dear Internet,

I have 45 minutes until my evening Art History lecture and thus about 40 minutes to kill on the internet. So hello.

I just walked back to school from a cafe after nearly passing out on the table there. I’m exhausted and I’ve only been a student for three weeks. Is this normal? Hopefully a good night’s sleep will cure all. I headed to citadel hill to pass out on the grass for awhile, but it started to rain so here I am at the NSCAD multimedia centre.

Wednesdays are probably my trickiest day. I have an 8:30am class (translation: I have to be up by 6:30 to leave my house by 7:15. Oh the joys of living in Dartmouth!) Then I have my film class which is in a brutally window-less, neon-lighted room that is simply a soul-sucking space. No matter how into the material and subject matter I am, sitting in that room zones me out into a mental abyss every time.

This post is shaping up to be nothing but a ramble.

In other news, it looks like I’ve procured (without even planning to), a ride to PEI this weekend. Why not? I could use some access to the parental refrigerator, and some time on the beach sounds pretty darn good. Maybe it’ll be inspiring, I am definitely in need of as much inspiration as possible, with some big projects and deadlines on the horizon.

Oh, exhaustion, how you darken my worldview. I shall not allow the question of WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE to enter my mind until I have at least gotten a good night’s sleep. It just wouldn’t be fair.

On the bright side, Halifax is beautiful and there are some truly amazing people here, which is already much more than I expected from my move here. There is something really different in the air here, and people seem much more anchored, grounded. And they smile at you on the street. I dig. But GODDAMN it’s windy!

Ok, I’m off to learn about Modernist Abstraction.


About heartroot

i like: pugs, cuddles, plants, herbs, tea, art, slasher movies, cultural theory, feminist theory, zombies, cupcakes, bike riding, swimming in the ocean.
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