I might abandon ship here.

It seems I’ve lost interest in keeping this thing up…

So, Goodbye for now.

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Ze missile

Here's a peek at what i'm currently working on, for those who haven't seen it or heard me ramble on about it

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Though usually I enjoy my freedom & autonomy,

It’s times like these, when I’m trodden into the ground working twelve hour studio days, when I wish I had someone who would tell me when to stop. Or that I should eat something. Or that it’s worth it and I’m worth it.

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And then there was chaos

Well, I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but at this point the only option is to chew chew chew.

I’ll document the results of all my crazed work, in photographic form, once this all wraps up, which will be mostly next week. After that, surprisingly, though the semester is not over, things for me will calm down. My most ambitious projects will be complete.

I didn’t really realize how outrageously challenging and time consuming (and expensive!) this one project in particular would end up being until I was in too deep to turn back. But I am so excited about it that I’ve been putting in at least ten hour work days. As a result, my dirty laundry is strewn all over every surface of my bedroom, there is an unforgivable pile of dishes in the sink, and the cupboards are bare. This is not usually how I function, but I’m on a roll and am afraid that if I slow down, I’ll crash, so some things simply must fall to the wayside for the time being. I am still getting full nights of sleep though, because I’ve really realized that I can’t function properly if I forgo sleeping, or even try to cut corners with it.

When I’m in this state, I feel detached from reality. Productivity mode. No time to chat. Brain at full turbo speed. Working like this, the whole world dissolves and nothing else matters.

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A Game of Numbers

3 6: Cuts on my hands

1: Splinter in my hand

11: Tears in cuticles

6 10: Bitten nails

4 3: Major projects to be completed over this week and next

1: Consult with academic advisor next week

1: Final project proposal due next week with preparatory drawings, material studies, and schedule of proposed work from beginning to completion

2: Dollars in my bank account

1: Minor emotional meltdown pending

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…but i baked cookies anyway.

BEST vegan peanut butter cookie recipe can be found here. the only change i made was replacing the 1 cup of maple syrup for one & a quarter cups of raw sugar, and a quarter cup of water. maple syrup is just too darn expensive.

oh! yes one other alteration: i smooshed in a single chocolate “kiss” to the centre of each cookie. inspired by allison’s amazing cookies, you will lose your mind when you eat these, they are orgasmic. oh, and the recipe makes a lot. so you can either freeze a bunch, give ’em to yer friends, neighbors and lovers, or y’know, half the recipe.

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Have registered for…

Craft History: Gender and Craft

20th Century Art: Material and Process

Queer Theory: Sex, Gender and Art

Dada and Surrealism

Film History  and Criticism 1940-Present

20th Century Art: Race in America

Aaaand Open Studio for Fall and Winter. And that will bring me to the end of my degree with a Major in Fine Art and a Minor in Art History. Awesomeness, go.

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